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oh no he is PERFECTLY FINE by Zombie-Kumos
oh no he is PERFECTLY FINE
Okay i gotta bitch here for a minute.

Long story here. I sold my very first art doll, the little blushing grey, to a good friend of mine. And I used her as an example of what kind of work I could do, I had a person come to me saying they wanted a grey fox skullfox art doll, but they wanted a grey fox pelt. So i went on the hunt for them, i came across a nice priced one from LethalGemini and paid her I believe... $37 or $41?  She said his ONLY flaw was his enlarged eyes and a missing nose, which neither mattered to me anyway since the face would be lopped off. My customer loved it and said get it.

Anyway, she took forever to ship and blamed the postal people, yadda yadda, i figure whatever shit happens. I get it in the mail, look him over front and back and seemed okay, so i just tossed him in the box til I got paid the rest of the money from my commissioner.

Needless to say, my customer hasnt paid anything in three months, which with my policy, that means you lose your money and I can do whatever with the pelt and supplies i bought. So today i take him out to look him over and snap some pics, see if his leather is okay cause i figured hes cute and small, maybe someone would like him as a custom art doll i had planned and that required me to dye it.

I flop him down and i notice his leg just, isnt sitting right? This leg wont lay flat out when i throw him out like a rug, and if i fix how his leg is sitting his back ruffles up. So i am like. Er. Okay 

I roll him inside out to see the leather and





Uhm. This guy is fucking swiss cheese? And he has some horrofic as fuck stitching that is balled up and its a mess. Lethal KNEW i was gonna use this for a doll, and even said how beautiful of a doll he would make. Uhhhhhh yeah sure if i was wanting to send them a cheese grater zombie that when you hug it polyfil oozes out of these holes like goddamn zits on a puderty ridden teen sure! He would be perfect!

Anyway heres my little bitchfest. He IS for sale, obviously you cant really do shit with him, he IS. A nice WALLHANGER or CUDDLE PELT. he has no nose so its hard to hang him but if you hold him up you cant see his wonk leg, and luckily and unluckily, his fur makes the holes not so noticable. I have pictures, honest pictures, of how he looks rightside in.

I am asking $32 SHIPPED for this guy ($27 pelt, $5 shipping). I want this guy gone. Sorry Lethal but I am furious you thought this was okay, I know you probably are gonna leave DA or plan to but I am not happy. You should of said he looked like this leatherwise and was NOT artdoll material instead of listing his only flaws as a missing nose and enlarged eyes. He has far more deeper problems then that and as someone who supposedly mounts things you think you would look at how his leather is. Ithe only reason i didnt til just now is because i have genuinely been busy and this guy has sat in a box since then, and since my customer hadnt spoke to me in months i figured i wouldnt start my project til i heard back and got more money 

i cannot view any of my newest comments! Or ANYTHING except deviations! I am insanely annoyed now D: i can see my event numbers go up but i cant see them. ;-; sorry guys! Bear with me please
wee snawwww by Zombie-Kumos
wee snawwww
I got this gorgeous horse tail as a surprise from the amazing and lovely CreatureUndertaker  :heart: jdjdjdj :glomp:

I never thought I would have a horse tail! But this one is so pretty and inspired me to design a new character I need to draw up :3 but so much excitement! :w00t:
Yay so midterms are finally over haha, so I can finally chill out and relax a little, however, i am sick Dx

And as a fun topic to discuss, I was thinking of maybe next year getting a cute kid friendly (aka not grumpy or scary) fursuit head and maybe tail. Anyone have suggestions on species and colours? I wanna book events and not scare people lol



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United States
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Hi, you can call me Kumos. I'm a west coast hard nosed, big boobed bitch who isn't too afraid to say how I feel. I have good days, and bad days like everyone else does. I am often brutally honest, callous and rude (or so I have heard.)

However, I can be a very nice person, be it when I feel like being a nice person that day, orrrrr you just deserve it all the time. :meow: I have a select few people I really let into my "personal bubble" and I am very protective of those people.

I am an artist of all kinds in my spare time, I dabble in anything from basic drawing (digital and traditional) to pyrography and metalwork. I also am a taxidermy collector, sorry if it offends you, I am overhauling my account and gallery to steer away from just having a gallery of dead animals (that "I hoard" according to who you talk to) and more toward other art since it seems whenever I post my collection it gets everyones panties in a knot and I am sick of the drama.

Anyway, enjoy. Hopefully you find something you like amd want to give me like, hell if I know, faves and watches for.

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