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Well, Im dying and feeling absolutely god awful. Ill make a journal about that and a sales thing later ;___; sorry Ive been unresponsive.

In the mean time PLEASE signal boost these or even better buy something from these guys!! They need help

SkinnedFawxTaxidermy is having a sale with lots of amazing stuff

Check it out


Also keep an eye on CreatureUndertaker when she comes back from holiday, she had some stuff for sale and still does so check them out too!
Black friday tail sale by Zombie-Kumos
Black friday tail sale
All of these tails and maybe three more (nothing fancy though. Just two reds and a yote maybe) will be on special discount for the holidays 

I will be shipping after the holidays as a heads up.
Shipping IS included to the USA

Amber fox tail is $27
All silver fox tails are $22

Thanks for looking
Blah. Im in a bummer of a mood, so maybe making a christmas list will be a nice time waster.

-Post up a journal with 10 things you'd like for Christmas. We suggest at least 5 of these be taxidermy related
-Make sure to try and send other people gifts, even just sending card is nice!
-Asking for non-taxidermy items is fine, but if you don't want any this might be the wrong SS for you.
-Please include your address on the journal or a way for people to contact you to get your address to send the gift.
-Others can join in the fun at TaxidermySecretSanta

And dont worry i left dildos outta this ;D haha.


Taxidermy stuff
1. TAILS, I looove getting tails as gifts. Any colour fox is amazing for me. I hoard my gift tails :heart:
2. Eyessss I hoard glass eyes, well, any kind of eyes actually. Another hoard worthy item lol
3. Claws, any kind, just no raw please
4. Teeth, any kind, i prefer larger sized teeth so i dont lose them though ;___;

Not taxidermy stuff
5. ART OF MY BABIES. If you need references just ask! Theres also more characters I have than just my mounts too. :meow:
6.  This thing in large, black racerback pleaseee
7.  I love little figurines or trinkets of animals :3 like rats/mice, foxes, wild dogs, raccoons and opossums. All sooo coot :heart:
8.  I love this, its a preorder thing though... so it wont get shipped til spring or something
10. Weirdo odds and ends, by that i mean. Resin or glass eyes (any size) DVC or general resin/silicone noses, pawpads, claws. Any colours and they can be flops. Its okay. Faux furs, etc. Just random crafting shit basically haha

Thats it! Unless someone wants to send me money or VanillaOne Visas or horse and/or dragon dicks :lmao:

As for my shipping information, I can give you it upon request, OR you can get a hold of one of my buddies, which is more than likely Adarkernemisis or CreatureUndertaker. :) 

Have a good holiday guys.
Okay, Sooooo DA has been working for me again thank god. Finally. I kept getting 500 internal errors, indexing errors and 404s :faint: like for the past week and a half.

Tomorrow is tuesdayyyyy which means I am going to be mailing some stuff. :) If notes dont screw up i will be sending out tracking numbers after I get them mailed. (BUT I have school tomorrow soooo dont expect them at the crack of ass D: sorry. If i could play hooky I so would but i have an exam)

I was seeing a lot of secret santa lists popping up and I think I may just make a list. I also may send people some stuff that arent already on my list of goodie giving. :evillaugh: 

I dont really have much else to say lol. For now anyway
Amber oddball fox tail for sale by Zombie-Kumos
Amber oddball fox tail for sale
Weirdo oddball fox tail for sale. I personally think its an amber, but it could be pink or pastel idk so many different opinions lmao. Whatever it is, its pretty, fluffy and around 17" long, its a nice tail from my personal collection but i just can never seem to find outfits to pair it with so it can go without me feeling horrible about it.

$30 shipped in the USA.

Better pic here; above the marble tail…?



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
(Under construction again)

Hi, you can call me Kumos. I'm a west coast hard nosed, big boobed bitch who isn't too afraid to say how I feel. I have good days, and bad days like everyone else does. I am often brutally honest, callous and rude (or so I have heard.)

However, I can be a very nice person, be it when I feel like being a nice person that day, orrrrr you just deserve it all the time. :meow: I have a select few people I really let into my "personal bubble" and I am very protective of those people.

I am an artist of all kinds in my spare time, I dabble in anything from basic drawing (digital and traditional) to pyrography and metalwork. I also am a taxidermy collector, sorry if it offends you, I am overhauling my account and gallery to steer away from just having a gallery of dead animals (that "I hoard" according to who you talk to) and more toward other art since it seems whenever I post my collection it gets everyones panties in a knot and I am sick of the drama.

Anyway, enjoy. Hopefully you find something you like amd want to give me like, hell if I know, faves and watches for.

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