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Headless arctic fox pelt fs by Zombie-Kumos
Headless arctic fox pelt fs
I just give up on this project, earlier i got upset and honestly just busted Fitz head open. I just hated looking at him. I know one day ill want to come back to this project and Ill regret selling this pelt but whatever.

Make me an offer, hes complete minus his head. Perfect art doll or skullfox material, which if you want to commission me for lemme know. Im not taking anything under $60 though
Pile O Dolls for sale by Zombie-Kumos
Pile O Dolls for sale
Literally just got finished with these. They arent my proudest pieces but theyre still cute, fit in the palm of your hand and are cheaper than my normal dolls this size.

Chilly Wintermint Grey (faux chinchilla fur, turquoise eyes) $20
Grapehead raver (faux husky fur, bright blue eyes) $30
Brownie Burg (real mink fur, hazel tinted green eyes) $25
Cherri Bomb (faux red fur, natural brown eyes) $25

All feature glass eyes with a slight follow me effect.

Candy themed in case someone didnt catch that lol
I am just having a shit streak right now .-.

So yesterday I notice one of our birds is acting weird, so i take him to the vet and he said it seemed like some sort of infection, he said hopefully its not a viral infection in the brain and nervous system but sent me home with meds to see if it would help any. Needless to say, he died this morning sadly after I spent money on the visit and meds Dx he was my moms bird and i dunno, shes all upset. Ive never heard of a dove having this sorta thing but apparently its common in pigeons/doves but he was an indoor one? Either way it was a shitty way to wake up this morning.

So I went to go return the food (just bought a bigass bag, unopened) and lo and behold my fucking car wont start, and jordans at work sooooo kinda fucky.

Also I keep having crippling migranes, i hate the sun it needs to go away D< i am basically in the dark or close to almost all day now.

I guess Im gonna have a sale later today or tomorrow, Im making tons of premade art dolls that will be cheaper to make up for all this bullshit ($25-35 shipped sound good?) Also I may be selling other stuff like a pelt or something. I want to regain my cushion of emergency funds and maybe get myself a little something for my birthday. Dx hey at least Im being honest.

Thank god I dont have school til next week. Hopefully the car isnt anything major. :faint:

Im gonna try and get to notes and comments later. I just think Im gonna die in a corner right nowm
Augh... I feel so exhausted and burnt out x___x so I havent been doing much worth posting.

I got new art doll supplies in, so I may do some premades and open commissions again. Yay. Seems like my depression is kicking in and blehhhh. I have a bit of art block.

If anyone is curious, Friday is my birthday, I doubt Ill be doing anything fantastic lol. I never do, Ill probably just get a bag of candy and cry for no real reason. I can joke about it cause I basically need to at this point rather than feel sorry for myself.

Im doing great in college if anyone was wondering. Im debating on classes to take for spring, and I dont have school til next week for wtf ever reason but whatever.
size comparison by Zombie-Kumos
size comparison
Eeee, I was so busy yesterday I forgot to share! I got this bitchin horse skull from the wonderful Shelby and her give away! I am kinda glad his bottom jaw is gone cause jeeeeeez this guy as is is huge haha. I won this guy for Jordans birthday since he loves collecting skull, and his zodiac symbol is a horse. So its really a symbolic gift. He didnt know what yo do or say he was so dumbfounded of little ol me dragging this skull thats about half the size of me down the hallway yelling HURPY BURFDEY. even though his birthday is sunday but whatever i have nowhere to hide this let alone wrap it haha.

I may try and clean it up and stuff. Idk :shrug:

Next to it is my newest projects. EndoSKULLetons. Silver chrome dipping skulks cause yknow. I played FNAF a little too much. Thats a muskrat haha my smalled skull



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United States
(Under construction again)

Hi, you can call me Kumos. I'm a west coast hard nosed, big boobed bitch who isn't too afraid to say how I feel. I have good days, and bad days like everyone else does. I am often brutally honest, callous and rude (or so I have heard.)

However, I can be a very nice person, be it when I feel like being a nice person that day, orrrrr you just deserve it all the time. :meow: I have a select few people I really let into my "personal bubble" and I am very protective of those people.

I am an artist of all kinds in my spare time, I dabble in anything from basic drawing (digital and traditional) to pyrography and metalwork. I also am a taxidermy collector, sorry if it offends you, I am overhauling my account and gallery to steer away from just having a gallery of dead animals (that "I hoard" according to who you talk to) and more toward other art since it seems whenever I post my collection it gets everyones panties in a knot and I am sick of the drama.

Anyway, enjoy. Hopefully you find something you like amd want to give me like, hell if I know, faves and watches for.

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