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***UPDATE 10/11/15***

So someone noted me today and brought to my attention that the coyote I posted in the last update ACTUALLY HAS AN UNBOXING VIDEO! Yes! They did a livestream of an unboxing on twitch of their coyote

Its a long video, but if you wanna check it out, it seriously shows and lists every single problem out of the box

(Woah i didnt know DA did this.)

For those who can't see the video player in the journal ====> [link]

And the same person also pointed out to me you can see on Mars' pictures, that there are visable flaws if you look closely, mainly, that muzzlehole

Muzzlehole by Zombie-Kumos

(you can see that rust or whatever spot on there too? the photos are still up in her gallery but I took screenshots if they get removed)

I'm still working through all the stuff everyones sent me :faint: mainly everyone asking for censors I really need to figure out how to go about it. That and so many papers due for school omg.

***UPDATE 10/7/15***
I'm sick as hell hi. Stomach flu has a hold of me, I'm trying to keep up with everyone I'm sorry I'm falling behind ;____; it seems Anyway heres some more updates.

First of all. Shel's newest journal if you missed it:
<da:thumb id="564658915"/>

Also a user just recieved their coyote in from Mars. Hopefully we will get more photos in soon, but for now here's a small glimpse at what they recieved

12077489 1170338669662170 731991083 N by Zombie-Kumos
(^is that Singed hair? Rust?? What is thisssss??) 
12081555 1170338586328845 322410158 N by Zombie-Kumos 12086994 1170338566328847 1414892122 N by Zombie-Kumos
12081382 1170338492995521 616731658 N by Zombie-Kumos
(Yeah. thats a hole. in the muzzle.)

And Dani got another one of her mounts in from Mars, and, well, as said "Compared to the utter trash I got before this is 'alright' I guess"
1 by Zombie-Kumos 12067784 1171260226236681 1746091090 N by Zombie-Kumos 12071824 1171260199570017 1248894771 N by Zombie-Kumos 12077023 1171260162903354 1636291815 N by Zombie-Kumos 12077093 1171260126236691 1448230111 N by Zombie-Kumos 12077282 1171260142903356 930776240 N by Zombie-Kumos 12080758 1171260152903355 1650143499 N by Zombie-Kumos
12092516 1171260119570025 2067036072 N by Zombie-Kumos 12092660 1171260086236695 339320839 N by Zombie-Kumos

Holes and pins galore.

Also let's compare this fox to a fox done properly.
12084101 1171263182903052 270289452 N by Zombie-Kumos 12077359 1171263162903054 218419028 N by Zombie-Kumos

The lip line, the eyes are over-sized and bulging out, etc.

***UPDATE 10/5/15***
SOOOOO the slopfest continues. Danis zebra came in and BOY. It was a wet soaked fucking mess. Its SO WET that you can wring out water out of the poor thing. it was shittily salted, and has CHUNKS OF MEAT STILL ON IT. And the tailbone LEFT IN.

Photos here:
12084103 1170306176332086 2103799243 N by Zombie-Kumos 12084005 1170306162998754 1926150836 N by Zombie-Kumos 12067159 1170306106332093 546464297 N by Zombie-Kumos 12083869 1170241133005257 685393151 N by Zombie-Kumos 12083790 1170240199672017 258901752 N by Zombie-Kumos 12077084 1170239579672079 1741627707 N by Zombie-Kumos 12071419 1170239076338796 628120922 N by Zombie-Kumos

Also a Video of the goodness known as BeebZeeb I wanna say theres flies in this? Dani said flies were swarming the pelt when she had it out.


No Preview

(^click it and it should work.)

There MAY be hope for BeebZeeb, but he's still allll fucked up. And guess what? Mars won't take responsibility. Nor will she on the moldy beetle riddled pelts. Claiming "They weren't like that when I mailed them" Uhhh huh...

AYYYY screenshots from watching Dani rip apart TENDONS OUT OF BEEBZEEB over skype as well as resalting it since it was salted wrong.
Screenshot (555) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (556) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (557) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (558) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (568) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (569) by Zombie-Kumos
Screenshot (570) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (571) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (572) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (573) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (577) by Zombie-Kumos

and again, 

12116106 1170414866321217 1780748265 O by Zombie-Kumos 12119415 1170414909654546 1763897517 O by Zombie-Kumos

East coast capes is a bad tannery tbh, they fucked up a ranch red plat and an alaskan lynx Knuxtiger4 sent them, and everyone ive known to ever buy tanned things off them have had them turn to mush when mounted. ALSO. YOU DONT FRIGGIN SALT THEN FREEZE A PELT. JFC. Also you don't leave fat on the face OR LEAVE BONES IN THE HOOVES.

How are you not responsible for a pelt youve had for god knows how long?? And how dare you try and make it sound like Clockwork--Crow was the one who ruined the pelts? Really? even after they were reported fucked up as soon as the box was opened? Shel may not be a big huge tannery but at least knows their head from their ass on what can be salvaged. The things you sent them were beyond repair almost 90%. The zebra MAY be saved be we don't know yet.

12079662 540508802763858 4055262020919620566 N by Zombie-Kumos


HEY MARS. I DECIDED TO CALL TRUE LIFE TAXIDERMY. Y'know. the place you boasted "working" for and then got fired from as you said? Yeah. I gathered the courage to call and talk to Bob himself. He told me. You NEVER worked there, you NEVER mounted ANYTHING and you were an apprentice that "didn't work out" because you weren't picking up what they were teaching you so you were asked to leave and do your own thing. He said he didnt really care for the work you /did/ do. (I assume the ones you showed him to get the apprenticeship.)

Bob ALSO asked me, to have you REMOVE ANYTHING saying you worked or even associated with his business after hearing how piss poor your work is. So please do so.

Truelife by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (543) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (579) by Zombie-Kumos
Screenshot (582) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (583) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (584) by Zombie-Kumos

I'm so done. I know I'm anxiety driven from being on the phone but I'm shaking in shock from this.
and yes, I did call.
QuickMemo+ 2015-10-05-12-09-15 by Zombie-Kumos

Also I'd like to add, since the intial drop date of this journal. I have had SIX more people come forward and tell me about howmuch you bullied and lied to them. and how you owe them things from 2012 and act like nothing ever happened. You've ran off with peoples trade halves and never mailed yours. MORE BUGS IN PEOPLES THINGS. The list goes on and on. The ones whove noted me have asked I don't post their things yet cause they're trying to scramble to get more evidence, and one has asked I blurred out their name so I will do that accordingly. Another is waiting you'll make good on your word and send them their stuff. 

Pretty sure it's also known that Vita Nova Taxidermy isn't an actual business either. theres no business license. I even looked at NY record lookup. 

Screenshot (578) by Zombie-Kumos

So after posting this journal. I received even more messages from some people who were having issues with Mars/Vita Nova. I will be adding those in here shortly but ONE PERSON, did report their pelt came in with a fucking dead beetle in it.

How is this relevant? Well. Remember when I said IcelandicFox 's items were shipped on Monday? (The day before I posted the journal?) well they arrived today (except for a zebra. which idk if its arrived today or not)

For starters Mars shipped the things via Parcel Select, which is cheapest route, Dani asked for priority shipping.

Box 1 By d9bt4v1 by Zombie-Kumos 
Heres the condition of the box
Box 2 By -d9bt4ut by Zombie-Kumos Box 3 By -d9bt4ue by Zombie-Kumos Box 4 By -d9bt4ti by Zombie-Kumos

And the contents? Oh boy. Kiddos. Buckle up. We are on a roller coaster of bug holes, holes in general BLACK MOLD and weirdly salted half tanned things???

These things were supposed to be MOUNTABLE. Dani stated the following on the contents this box should of contained:
"4 raccoons, (she skinned and was supposed to salt and prep for taxidermy) 1 COMPETITION QUALITY grey fox, she was sent it raw skinned, overnighted for like 50 dollars. Ringtail cat COMP QUALITY (the "nicest" Mars had ever seen) she was just supposed to flesh and salt and prep.. and my baby tricolour rabbit she was sent frozen whole and was supposed to skin and flesh and prep and salt"

Heres the wave of pictures:
Face Damage 1 W By by Zombie-Kumos Face Damage 2 By d9bt4so by Zombie-Kumos Face Damage 3 By d9bt4se by Zombie-Kumos Grey Damage 1 By -d9bt4rj by Zombie-Kumos
Grey Damage 2 By -d9bt4r3 by Zombie-Kumos Grey Full 1 By -d9bt4qq by Zombie-Kumos Grey Full  2  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4qh by Zombie-Kumos Moldy Wet Tan Coon 1  1  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4 by Zombie-Kumos Moldy Wet Tan Coon 1  2  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4 by Zombie-Kumos Moldy Wet Tan Coon 1  3  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4 by Zombie-Kumos
Moldy Wet Tan Coon 2  1  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4 by Zombie-Kumos Moldy Wet Tan Coon 2  2  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4 by Zombie-Kumos Moldy Wet Tan Coon 2  3  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4 by Zombie-Kumos Moldy Wet Tan Coon 2  4  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4 by Zombie-Kumos Moldy Wet Tan Coon 3  1  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4 by Zombie-Kumos Moldy Wet Tan Coon 3  2  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4 by Zombie-Kumos
Moldy Wet Tan Coon 3  3  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4 by Zombie-Kumos Moldy Wet Tan Coon 3  4  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4 by Zombie-Kumos Rabbit  1  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4mp by Zombie-Kumos Rabbit  2  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4ma by Zombie-Kumos Ringtail Cat Mold By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4lu by Zombie-Kumos Salted Coon  1  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4lj by Zombie-Kumos Salted Coon  2  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4l1 by Zombie-Kumos Salted Coon  3  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4ki by Zombie-Kumos Salted Coon  4  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4jw by Zombie-Kumos Salted Coon  5  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4j5 by Zombie-Kumos Salted Coon  6  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4iq by Zombie-Kumos Salted Coon  7  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4ie by Zombie-Kumos
Salted Coon  8  By Pepperjackcoyote-d9bt4i0 by Zombie-Kumos

Yeah. these items were supposed to be salted/dry. The box was wet, and the skins were some weird tan job? Dani never gave anyone permission to tan them, and how the hell were bugs on there? Black mold doesnt form overnight either, it's deplorable and also fun fact. Black mold can KILL. YOU.

So basically sending these pelts KNOWING they have BLACK MOLD on them could count as hazardous waste/biohazardous materials. that's a crime. you are knowingly sending a material out that could KILL SOMEONE.

Disgusting. And we all believe this was probably done out of sheer laziness, spite, or both.

These photos were taken a little over an hour ago when the box arrived. And when the zebra foal arrives I will update the journal again with pictures if theres also problems (I'm sure there is)

you can read the journal from the handler of these pelts here -----> <da:thumb id="564062312"/>
(cause im a stupid ho and dont know much about stuff aside from its 100% ya nastee.)

Stay safe guys, and check your stuff for mold!

Also I just got sent this hilarious article:…
I gotta admit it's hilarious whenever people use pictures of Mars, its always her with Karma, a fox that is gorgeous. And a fox she didn't even fucking make. Actually I don't believe I have ever seen a photo of Mars with her own products ever. Kinda makes you wonder, and makes you wonder if she tells people when she takes Karma out if she made her...

Mars never won a taxidermy show, she got a ribbon for participating. Or third place, whatever, she didnt WIN a show. And as far as i know, she didn't drop out of college to focus on taxidermy. 

Alright, where do I begin on this... Nakomii/ItsProbablyMars/Marissa "Mars" Hernandez/Vita Nova Taxidermy. In short, has ruined our community.

edit; now for the record all aliases and sites
Deviantart- Itsprobablymars/Nakomii/dragongirl995
Furaffinity- Nakomii/Itsprobablymars (claiming she "needed an FA on this account" and completely ignoring the fact she HAD one kind solidifies shes trying to run from her old name and rep to scam more people, this time for fursuits.)
Instagram- Nakomii/Itsprobablymars
Facebook- Vita Nova Taxidermy/Marissa Hernandez 
Youtube- Itsprobablydead
Etsy- Vitanovataxidermy
Tumblr- Nakomii/

Misc Names/sites:

I will state here, if you are brought up in this journal, as a victim. I apologize. I have been gathering information quietly for months now from lots of people and through the grapevine. I'll try to make this as informative as possible, and maybe have a few chuckles along the way. SOME people mentioned below are still in limbo with their items and have polietely agreed they do not wish to be used as proof examples until they have everything back from Mars. which means, YES, this journal WILL be edited and more things added to it if these issues are resolved.

I will also state, I don't really care about my reputation anymore, you can call me a bully for posting this journal. So on, but just think, when have I EVER made one of these journals without being right or having proof? Kyuu-No-Shamisien? Scammer. WhitecloudCreekTaxidermy? Scammer, shitty mount sender, photo stealer. Casey Byiers? Refusal to ship for months, no contact, sham. And many more. So please, hear me out. Mars isn't all a bed of roses.

How has she ruined our community you ask? First she started off so sweet and kind, seemed to be a genuinely interested member of our community and would take critiques/criticism, however, over time it has turned into a mess of lies, manipulation, and the blame game.

I will gladly say for myself, I am a blunt, rude ass. For a while I used to speak with Mars over skype, which, may I add, how I was shit upon and I assume it was chalked up as joking. I was first told "I was surprised to find out you were a girl! Then I was even more surprised to find out you had a boyfriend, I thought you were a dyke!" yeah. Seriously. our opening statement here. I was frequently insulted to my face about things ranging from "I'm hogging all of Nemis foxes" "I don't deserve to have more than one of the same colour fox, let other people have a chance" "I'd know how to draw a penis if I ever seen one irl" (Which Honey yes, I can see a dick whenever I want. Thanks. I was making a joke about having to draw a dick and then that remark was made)

I watched this girl shit talk every, single, big named taxidermist. CreatureUndertaker actually was able to log into my skype to see the bullshit she was spouting off.

for example. here we go, and yes, each of these artists does know what she said, and SAW what she said, this was back on my old phone where the screenshots from skype are, I don't think I can get them back but perhaps Misty will find them cause she took some too while logged into my account.

Misty also copy/pasted some of the convos into notes, so have a small sample. This was when she got the snowglow SkinnedFawxTaxidermy had sold her

Skype1 by Zombie-Kumos Skype2 by Zombie-Kumos

She called myself and CreatureUndertaker hoarders of ranch foxes, same with AdarkerNEMISIS and said we make it impossible for people to buy anything good from "Breeder A"

After apparently @PankoLion got all their mounts from SpiritOfTheVixen in, she had the audacity to speak on Pankos behalf to me, saying they were displeased with ALL of their mounts and thats why they were all up for sale, and called Leslie "an over priced rip off" Panko was deeply offeneded when Leslie found out about all of this, and said they were never unhappy with any of their mounts, and how this strained the relationship they had with Leslie.

She called midnightwolfdesigns aka Urban Nature Taxidermy on FB, a poor artist, who makes "the same generic expression on all their foxes" and "I don't understand why she gets so much business, her work isn't all that great" Which yes, you can feel free to ask Katie about this, she was extremely disgusted to hear this.

Mars has a severe problem with anyone who has it better than her it seems, and has to hack away at them. After hearing she had been busted for the shit she said, she proceeded to bitch me out on skype, and I retaliated, and told her she was the biggest bully I had ever had the chance to know, and this coming from me, queen of the bullies. After I deleted skype off my phone, I recieved a text 20 minutes later from AdarkerNEMISIS saying that "I never said any of those things Kumos is talking about, she's nuts, she PHOTOSHOPPED THE SCREENSHOTS SHE SHOWED EVERYONE"

Keep in mind at this point in time, I didnt have a computer, and I didn't have any internet at home, all the screenshots were mobile screenshots and all we're timestamped accordingly.

After this, I noticed a severe decline in business, eventually hearing that Mars was lying to people about things and telling them to no longer buy off of me. Cute isn't it? Also I have watched my friends suffer because she has some vendetta, and that she was telling everyone she ran across to not buy off ANY of us, and piled on the lies. Why? Because she was pissed she was basically blacklisted by every big name in the community. (Except the ONE main name artist she didn't smack talk. Which was SkinnedFawxTaxidermy and we will get to some nonsense with her later in this journal.)

Speaking of that, I should include, whenever we would talk, Mars would probe at me on how to "Become a top dog" in the taxidermy community. Also, that she would constantly bug me to use my relationship status with AdarkerNEMISIS to "Get her the good stuff using my name" basically which I refused. Then when Nemi saw her behavior, a journal was made. 

***Which I'd also like to add this in, although I do NOT have screenshots of it, it is just hearsay, and i heard it, A LOT. Around this time I kept hearing rumors I was turning sexual favours with Nemi TO GET MY FOXES. Which of course was the most outlandish of lies on the list. Along with but not limited to; I get free things, I get discounts, I get better things than everyone else, etc. etc. etc.***

But lets fastforward a bit shall we? Let's talk about mounts. A lot of them. And how shitty they are. And seriously guys? Why have none of you stood up over this and laid down taking this or better yet RESOLD THE DAMN THINGS? 

Let's start with the wonderful catalyst that sounded a few alarms months back, Wolf-MySaviors sunglow, which Mars' excuse for being so horrificly bad was it was unmountable. I Guess she figured she could mimic Katie and be a mounting goddess and fix anything sent to her since she took on the project knowing it was indeed unmountable, but didn't care anyway and sent a sloptastic mount out anyway.

Luckily someone screengrabbed the journal (it's in odd segments whoops.) that show that, we all aren't crazy, someone else actually pointed out we we're all damaged by Mars' bad mouthing. Yeah. She ruined all of us for the most part. We can't even get sales unless we make it to no profit "just get it out of here" prices.

Wolf Journl1 by Zombie-Kumos D5ee7a1ed369a34129416acaeb62188b by Zombie-Kumos 9d2595112ae74189f02d6b6d3468aec2 by Zombie-Kumos 82ba7ceebf2d1914be4fa756ff87ed3f by Zombie-Kumos

And How about we review those photos of the fox folks?

2014-05-26-18-47-40 by Zombie-Kumos 2014-05-26-18-48-03 by Zombie-Kumos 2014-05-26-18-47-20 by Zombie-Kumos 2014-05-26-18-47-27 by Zombie-Kumos 2014-05-26-18-47-08 by Zombie-Kumos 2014-05-26-19-28-36 by Zombie-Kumos
2014-05-26-19-28-23 by Zombie-Kumos 2014-05-26-18-46-55 by Zombie-Kumos 2014-05-26-18-47-02 by Zombie-Kumos 2014-05-26-19-28-10 by Zombie-Kumos 2014-05-26-18-48-25 by Zombie-Kumos
If you wish to check my time stamps in my stash, you will see these are from last year. wolf-Mysavior later took her journal down after being ATTACKED by people for expressing their disgust with the mount. Even admitting people attacked her! But now weirdly is back on "good terms" with Mars it seems but anyway. (Idk man whatever floats your boat n all that. After being screamed at I'd be 100% oh hell nawh")

So that was a fox that was finished and when complained about we heard every excuse in the book from:
"That's shipping damage"
"I was sabotaged"

until finally we heard the wonderful "Well i did the best I could it wasn't mountable anyway!"

Huh, well. How about we take a look at a fox x3TheBrokenArtistx3 had sent her? FROM BREEDER A. FULLY PREPPED FOR TAXIDERMY, fresh tan. everythings good right?

Here's the photos of the finished piece from Mars herself:

Nakomiis Face by Zombie-Kumos Angel (nakomiis pic) by Zombie-Kumos

Ah, it doesn't look so bad! Looks pretty decent right?


When Andie got this fox in, this is what she received.

11922071 10206655938790413 1953974162 N by Zombie-Kumos 11928694 10206655938750412 263584234 N by Zombie-Kumos 11936993 10206655940190448 1157221405 N by Zombie-Kumos 11951067 10206655934150297 1569014154 N by Zombie-Kumos 11911474 10206655938670410 2112248922 N by Zombie-Kumos

This fox was eventually sold, Andie didn't want to cause any issues with Mars over it for fear of being attacked by her or her fanbase.

Speaking of fanbase, how about Mars' side businesses of Fursuits and art dolls? I can't think of a single person who actually got an art doll from her that's commissioned her, and lets take a look at her fursuit timeline.

Aside from Mars' old account (which is still up, and the basic reason for leaving comes off as "bawww I'm not getting any attention here")

No. No seriously. Look.
Screenshot (487) by Zombie-Kumos

Also apparently had a website for her fursuit making business to as seen here ---->

where fursuits were built (I Can't seem to find anyone who is actually around and can state for sure they are waiting on commissions for fursuits from her.) I noticed this little ditty in an old journal from 2012.

Screenshot (367) by Zombie-Kumos

Two years later...
Screenshot (368) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot 2015-09-25-11-40-15 by Zombie-Kumos

Where are the other photos with these fursuit commissions? And why are did you redo them? Seriously according to the website and twitter, the heads ran $70-125, and Mars even admitted she wasn't making money off them really. But really why aren't there any WIP shots, the old versions before the revamp, or before/after refurb shots? These are seriously the only pictures that even remotely discusses those commissions, and I assume the people either don't care anymore, or MAYBE, they got their stuff in and Mars just never showed the finished product with us (She apparently loves to do that with things she can't use trick photography or editing to cover up)

Like, oh, I dunno, one of the many things IcelandicFox has received, NONE of her pieces have been photographed and displayed in her gallery, why?

Screenshot 2015 07 06 22 54 01 By Icelandicfox-d90 by Zombie-Kumos R By Icelandicfox-d908qob by Zombie-Kumos 1 Mars Feet By Icelandicfox-d908mgs by Zombie-Kumos 11909656 1149747768387927 557198566 N by Zombie-Kumos 1 Mars Feet 2 By Icelandicfox D908mhq By Muddy Coy by Zombie-Kumos

Maybe because they look like complete and utter trash and no photo editing, angles or tricks can save them?

The photos that were sent of that fox from Mars btw, never posted but they were sent to Icelandicfox
Image By Nakomii D908vik By Muddy Coyote-d9b6ol7 by Zombie-Kumos Image By Nakomii D908vje By Muddy Coyote-d9b6okt by Zombie-Kumos Image By Nakomii D908vj2 By Muddy Coyote-d9b6oky by Zombie-Kumos

First of all is this guy, originally sent to mars to mount, he was sent back and looked like this.

Screenshot 2015 07 06 22 24 47 By Icelandicfox-d90 by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot 2015 07 06 22 24 40 By Icelandicfox-d90 by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot 2015 07 06 22 24 58 By Icelandicfox-d90 by Zombie-Kumos

Icelandic complained and Mars offered a remount. What she was shown?

Image By Nakomii D908vkf By Muddy Coyote-d9b6okm by Zombie-Kumos Image By Nakomii D908vkl By Muddy Coyote-d9b6okj by Zombie-Kumos Image By Nakomii D908vks By Muddy Coyote-d9b6okg by Zombie-Kumos

What she got
1 Mars Remount Head Hole By Icelandicfox D908mje B by Zombie-Kumos 1 Mars Remount Head Hole Ears By Icelandicfox D908 by Zombie-Kumos 20150706 224426 By Icelandicfox D908ojo By Muddy C by Zombie-Kumos Paw by Zombie-Kumos Honkhonk by Zombie-Kumos Remount1 by Zombie-Kumos

That coyote was unmounted September 28th, 2015. Which these photos were sent in:

12084934 1167107413318629 994920545 O~2 by Zombie-Kumos
The top row is the "armature" 
And here's some closeups
12025451 1167099919986045 277832420 N by Zombie-Kumos 12083944 1167099906652713 1278230657 N by Zombie-Kumos
lookit all dat clay! JUST like Shasta the wolf. (keep this in mind when I discuss Shasta. Only. Imagine it on wolf sized proportions.)
And then the form finally unearthed from the pounds of clay
12077277 1167107446651959 1322171642 N by Zombie-Kumos 12083627 1167107456651958 660907414 N by Zombie-Kumos 12081334 1167107466651957 2049080036 N by Zombie-Kumos

That's an EPOXY nose, not even a repo nose, or the actual pelts nose. It's Epoxy, and it's the wrong size. (Which is funny because x3TheBrokenArtistx3 did a wolf with an epoxy nose and Mars scolded the hell out of her and said that's not how you make a fake nose and told her she should buy repos.)

Also the eyes were apparently were too small for the coyote. I assume by the photo of it on the skin they may of been fox sized? Basically this "remount" was nothing but more epoxy and paint, And a little better tucking or whatever around the mouth t make it look less gaped. No sewing was fixed, bondo was caked on the fur, etc.

Then she unmounted her fox, cutting her losses and we seen this!
11897131 1149770341719003 1210658248 N by Zombie-Kumos 11911866 1149749021721135 1703517866 N by Zombie-Kumos 11923001 1149749001721137 732485808 N by Zombie-Kumos 11944824 1149749121721125 12255641 N by Zombie-Kumos 11903501 1149769821719055 1987760094 N by Zombie-Kumos

So like. The coyote had enough clay on it to build a volcano, yet the fox had two tiddlywinks of clay?

12033110 901405179942915 6592278662223732902 N by Zombie-Kumos

She then told Mars there were still issues and Mars replied with "well you can fix them yourself. It's easy, heres what you do"

if it's so easy why didn't you do it?? This ain't barbie dream house! There's no "some assembly required" for taxidermy!

Now, I know some of you are gonna sit there and say "Well people COULD be sabotaging Mars! And somehow are okay with ruining hunreds/thousands of dollars on pelts and mounts just for lulz to make her look bad!"

no no. no.

There was a mount that was owned by Saltypuppy, and then Sharpe19. Her name was Shasta, she was a wolf. You may recognize her:

Shasta Face (nakomiis pic) by Zombie-Kumos Shatas Body By Nakomii by Zombie-Kumos

Seems like a pretty wolf right?

Well, in person its another story
Cam00156 By Muddy Coyote-d8lub49 by Zombie-Kumos 2014-05-26-17-54-08 by Zombie-Kumos 2014-05-26-17-54-29 by Zombie-Kumos 2014-05-26-17-53-48 by Zombie-Kumos

One night during the span of the PA Taxidermy show, Muddy-Coyote had Knuxtiger4 was visiting for the show when Shasta was in Maria's possession. And they decided to unmount Shasta to see how she was on the inside, in a skype conversation with CreatureUndertaker and Myself, we saw the horrors of whats inside of a mount from Mars, and what we witnessed was horrific.

Cam00158 By Muddy Coyote-d8lub2u by Zombie-Kumos Cam00159 By Muddy Coyote-d8lub2e by Zombie-Kumos Cam00157 By Muddy Coyote-d8lub3o by Zombie-Kumos Cam00160 By Muddy Coyote-d8lub20 by Zombie-Kumos
Disgust by Zombie-Kumos
YEAH. Thats a rusted nail holding in the ear, better get a tetanus shot if you're gonna handle unmounting anything from her! This isn't the first mount to have these in here.

Cam00219 By Muddy Coyote-d8lub1l by Zombie-Kumos

We WATCHED this wolf be taken apart, this poor wolf was so caked in POUNDS upon POUNDS of clay. A chewed up headform, rusted nails, popped seams, the works.

Along the way, Mars began to grow bitter with Maria, she sent her the bear to mount while she was working under the taxidermist Bill, later to find out, she said she didn't even send it to Maria for her to mount it, nah, she wanted Bill to do it all. For free. which yes, she did win Maria's raffle, but that doesnt mean you won a mounting from Bill.

Speaking of that, how about why Maria quit interning for Bill? Bill was an older man, old enough to be Maria's dad, he had a wife and kids, but guess what? He felt that it was okay to sexually harass Maria when they were left alone together, it happened once, and Maria called me distraught on what to to, I told her to put him in his place, she said she did, but almost a month later he tried to RAPE. HER. And guess what Mars had to say about that?

"She's lying. That never happened"

How nice! Like almost every other person who hears a story of rape, lets call the victim a liar! That'll work. Then again, Nakomii offered up her own fursona for a NONCON/Rape commission when an artist asked for kink suggestions for freebies. Seriously. I'm not even kidding. I wish I had that screenshot too.

But, what I do have. Is a screenshot to show how wonderful of a human being she really is when it comes to sympathy.

I am sure we ALL remember the event that shook the community one year ago. AdarkerNEMISIS being involved in a shooting, losing their father, cousin, a close friends, and almost losing their life and their sisters life. IT WAS IN THE NATIONAL NEWS. IT WAS NOT BULLSHIT. Nemi couldn't walk or really even function from loss and pain, as well as their injuries. And during this timeframe, Mars had a commission with Nemi. Finally, what she had always talked to me and dreamed about, a mount from as she addressed Nemi "Her hero" you think she would be extremely sympathetic right?

Lolnope by Zombie-Kumos

Nemi made an announcement journal, stating some commissions would be refunded, and others would have to wait to be shipped when Nemi could WALK AGAIN.

Mars had expressed much impatience of this as time went along, and then finally she expressed her disgust with Maria when Nemi said she would receive a refund. How did she express it?

Shooting comment by Zombie-Kumos
Oh? How dare depression and a BULLET WOUND TO YOUR LEG stop you from doing business Nemi! How unprofessional! How rude! How dare you not kiss my feet and have my fox sent to me! 

Even better, Mars threw a tantrum about Nemi wanting to refund her for the fox, calling Nemi a coward, and the whole nine yards, later on x3TheBrokenArtistx3 eventually mentioned how happy she was to be TRADING a few pelts of hers for the fox Mars was getting a refund on! Nemi eventually caught wind of this hoax trade and had to tell Andie do NOT ship those pelts because she doesn't own that fox like she said she did. Nemi then told Mars if she wanted to for sure trade with Andie, she would have to send the refunded money back (aka buy the mount back) and Nemi would ship the fox to Andie directly so Andie would safely get the mount, so she could ship the pelts to Mars and the trade would be done deal.

What did Mars say to this? "I don't have the money I already spent it."

Nemi said he is willing to share the notes as proof over this, I do not have access to these notes to screenshot them. Or texts or whatever they were said on.

I feel so bad for Maria, because Mars proceeded to rip her apart for sending the screenshot to Nemi about the shooting remark, which then led to spite and then Bear pelt drama. which hey why don't we discuss that too? :D

Maria sent her stepdad to mail that bear pelt and he threw the receipt away. Maria has bent over backwards to prove that she DOES NOT have the bear, but what has Mars done to prove she doesn't have that bear? On top of hypocrisy, Mars has NUMEROUS times said she had "Her mom mail her packages, I'll get you tracking" and NEVER DID.

Example being poor LynxBrush

In a discussion on a soft mount group we had a brief encounter (Please don't randomly add me on FB. I'm usually never around except for when people direct me to shit like this. Sorry.)
Screenshot (478) by Zombie-Kumos

12030936 10153036488566300 1654149201 N by Zombie-Kumos

Which the guilt tripping I refer to is this beautiful piece of conversation.
Screenshot (479) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (480) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (481) by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot (482) by Zombie-Kumos
Talk about professional! 

I'd like to add, Jasmine still hasn't received her items (as of the FB discussion post says.) and if I understand right, never received proof of her items being shipped so. Pot meet kettle? I believe so.

Back at more shoddy work that's come up, lets look at this sweet little coyote pup! (I actually have no fucking idea who owns this pup. I just got sent the photos unmarked)
Coyote Pup Nakos Pic by Zombie-Kumos
Awww! What a patoot! Right?

Nah, Chuck Testa. I mean, Vita Nova Trick photography!
11944919 10206655961030969 405634603 N by Zombie-Kumos 11759491 10206655959510931 1542923576 N by Zombie-Kumos 11908062 10206655959430929 1535145515 N by Zombie-Kumos 11909860 10206655959390928 406839019 N by Zombie-Kumos 11910826 10206655958550907 533941177 N by Zombie-Kumos 11911462 10206655959470930 1824344436 N by Zombie-Kumos

This rabbit's pictures aren't even in Mars' gallery, similar to Wolfmysaviors sunglow I assume after word caught on about how horrible it was, Mars simply removed the photos she had up that showed the mount looked good with her photography skills.

Honestly I forgot this rabbit even existed until I thought about it for a while.

12032572 10153037739561300 389039945 N by Zombie-Kumos 12048830 10153037739556300 80769378 N by Zombie-Kumos 12048818 10153037739551300 56468356 N by Zombie-Kumos 12030677 10153037739566300 762060973 N by Zombie-Kumos 

Which this person I bring up again later on, the screenshots I have are very, very old. But this is in a recent conversation and huh, seems funny it's still an issue now.

Convo With Ss by Zombie-Kumos

And what about that red whitemark she got from AdarkerNEMISIS and then tried to blame Nemi for why it was mounted horribly saying "well. they tanned it. its their fault" again. Blame game.

Red wm by Zombie-Kumos 0821142246 By Nakomii-d7w5bj2 by Zombie-Kumos 0821142226 By Nakomii-d7w58vc by Zombie-Kumos Whitemark Red By Nakomii-d7w59h9 by Zombie-Kumos

You say to me "this one HAS to be okay Kumos. Just HAS to, theres all kinds of angles and even WIP pics!"

Oh Hon by Zombie-Kumos

Eyes by Zombie-Kumos
Don't those eyes look a little... odd...?

Eyes2 by Zombie-Kumos
ah! that explains it. Literal upturned eyes. that's not how eyes sit in a headform FYI. That's not a "style" thats not something cute to do or any other thing I have heard, it's NOT okay to do eyes like that, there's a place for the eyes to sit for a reason. It's almost as bad as people who can't draw anatomy and claim "It's my style" to waiver for it. Then theres all this...
11040925 887134611342458 8592628670617137313 N by Zombie-Kumos 11217562 887129254676327 8066998531725009370 N by Zombie-Kumos 11230651 887132161342703 8190372167902207472 N by Zombie-Kumos 11986989 887134491342470 2089225423611642861 N by Zombie-Kumos 12002189 887132511342668 154874577106740388 N by Zombie-Kumos 12002206 887129251342994 5809344305366430210 N by Zombie-Kumos
12006356 887129258009660 4147359434588606771 N by Zombie-Kumos
Weird armature, fursuit head/upholstery foam? Holes, etc.

How about those raffle winners from years back, y'know, you win the raffle and send her a pelt she does work for supply cost? well randomly last year I got these statements from a disgruntled customer and raffle winner

2014-05-26-17-44-36-1 by Zombie-Kumos 2014-05-26-17-40-30-1 by Zombie-Kumos

Now, these are the oldest complaints I have, they date before Wolfmysaviors fox, however, just more proof NOTHING has changed in YEARS. 

Speaking of complaints, and looping back to why I get no business anymore, either people ignore my sales posts... or stuff like this happens.

aka how i lost a customer by her dicking off by Zombie-Kumos

YEP. Seriously, I'm sure they arent the only person whos parents refuse to let them buy off the internet because of her dragging her rear on ALL THE SHIT SHE HAS QUEUED. Yet does nothing unless people complain or she feels like it. I'm also sure this explains why our community's market has friggin tanked so hard, everyone is either cockblocked by parents or significant others who are pissed she's slacked so bad, they refuse to let them buy anything else online, or, they're too scared to buy anything for fear it will be a hunk of junk, or they won't see their mounts in 3+ years. I checked on this person and it looks like they got their mount way later, months later. I dunno if they have anything else but I see they got a coyote from Mars.

I don't want to sound crude, but, Urban Nature Taxidermy has a wait time of almost 2 years, however, Katie works full time, does volunteer work, and does taxidermy at night. What does Mars do all the time? Last I looked, she said she was no longer in college, lost her job, and was still living at home. What is the hold up? You should have all kinds of free time. It's funny because during the whole her being upset over her commission with Nemi souring, when called out about it she proceeded to try to tell Nemi how to conduct business?? Wow Okay.

Talk about conducting business, how about a bum shot with the person she wanted to have be her personal tannery?

Clockwork1 By Muddy Coyote-d9b3xz4 by Zombie-Kumos Clockwork2 By Muddy Coyote-d9b3xyt by Zombie-Kumos
Welp, there's that.

She's a fine one talking, considering she has numerous customers wondering where she is 99% of the time, wondering where their stuff is, if it's been shipped, why tracking numbers don't work or aren't given. WHY THINGS LEGITIMATELY ARE BROKEN.

The mounts she claims are broken from shipping, lots of the damage isn't from shipping unless she somehow shipped the mounts with a knife factory order, no, those are lies about damage, I'm talking about skulls being broken from NO PADDING. Nothing! Not a goddamn thing, no bubblewrap, nothing. Just tossed in a box and hope for the best.

Like so for example!
11938828 10152972294576300 1649260553 N by Zombie-Kumos 11940647 10152972294596300 823587274 N by Zombie-Kumos

Also here's a laugh, for two weeks IcelandicFox has been asking Mars to ship her items and outright ignoring her and saying she was out in Florida, etc. etc. Yet quickly would reply to anyone else it seemed who messaged her (Have proof of that but they asked me to not use their name, or expose the screenshots. Yet. Eventually they will be posted too.)

ANYWAY, it wasn't until Icelandic threatened legal action against Mars (which, hey guys. This is an awful lot like the scenario with Casey Byiers AdarkerNEMISIS  and I had with her refusing to ship out the fox she owed. It was viewed as mail fraud and theft when I called NYPD. And yes, they went to Casey's address, sadly she had moved at that time so they couldn't retrieve the fox for us. They told us if we flew to New York we COULD file civil charges. And this was all happening after just a few short months (I want to say 4 months. It was after paypals window of refund was up.) of waiting for her to ship. Food for thought.) that she said she would ship "By sunday"

Now, I dunno about anyone else here, but I read "By Sunday" and my brain went immediately to

No Post On Sundays by Zombie-Kumos

And... sure as shit then this arrived on Saturday
12059558 1166399796722724 437807694 O by Zombie-Kumos

You didn't know??? (Here and just about everywhere I know, it's open on Saturdays, half day.)

Y U Always Lyin by Zombie-Kumos
I thought you we're professional 

***FINALLY, Mars was on her word and the package was shipped Monday, however, she shipped Parcel Select (aka cheapest route with tracking.) instead of priority like Icelandic stressed multiple times. The contents include salted pelts so we will see how this holds up, we're worried about how well the pelts are salted. 

I've also heard and seen lots of people complaining how their animals from her have popped stitches.but also, those characteristic holes in the back of the head, I'm sure you're all noticing the trend

Holes that should be able to be sewn by someone of her skill level that she claims to be, could easily fix that hole. or be able to stitch up any issues a pelt could have,

What's that you say?
Screenshot (483) by Zombie-Kumos
she can't even sew right on her own personal plushies? Oh.
then blames the tan job again... And why is the nose paint coming off? You bumping the poor thing into every wall you see? Jfc. SkinnedFawxTaxidermy did this fox, the paint should not be coming off. Unless oh I guess maybe she painted over it again herself. But Krissy says that the stitching should of held on the legs. Kirssy NEVER touched the body on Karma. Anything wrong with the body is Mars' fault. Krissy did the head and expressed theres no reason paint should be coming off unless it is neglectfully bumped and rubbed on hard surfaces.

Speaking of Krissy, how about the marble lifesize she commissioned her for?

Krissy apparently "was taking too long" so Mars gave her the ultimatum, saying she wanted the fox done and shipped by a certain date, or she wanted, okay guys, get this.

1. A FULL refund
2. ALL the supplies, and the pelt

ALL of this. Eventually the mount was worked on and then this happened
Screenshot 2014-09-19-19-49-19 by Zombie-Kumos Screenshot 2014-09-19-19-49-37 by Zombie-Kumos
ah okay, so, seems good right? well, things veer off in the comments on the picture of the fox
Screenshot 2014-09-19-19-48-31 by Zombie-KumosScreenshot 2014-09-19-19-48-38 by Zombie-KumosScreenshot 2014-09-19-19-51-32 by Zombie-Kumos

errrkkkk... okay... then threw it up for sale as soon as she got it saying it wasnt what she wanted. >___>

Double talking, and again, I've heard this from a group of people, you guys remember she had rats right? If I faintly recall she said she had a sale or something to pay for a vet bill but then he died? Yeah, according to a number of people who used to talk to her, she KILLED her rat herself for having what (from my knowledge of rats) was either URI, or Mycroplasma. Which URI could of been treated with $20-35 worth of meds, Mycro never goes away sadly, sad life of a mill bred rat. But it is possible to make them more comfortable, but no, apparently Mars said she wanted to save the money for a pelt or some other mundane thing, and just killed him. (I'd really like to not think this even happened since I know I love my rats too much to think of that. I would at least like to give Mars a small glimmer of her being at least decent enough to not be an animal killer to save a dime. I'd REALLY like to think this was said to me to just upset me but if anyone has proof this did happen please let me know. It's been making my heart ache since i was told this a few weeks after she claimed he died at home.)

Rat by Zombie-Kumos
since this was the only thing I was actually ever shown, I was told she never took him to a vet, and instead put him in a closed container filled with baking soda and vinegar, which if thats the case, her journal saying "He died in my arms" was a complete lie. Either way a rat died and it fucks me up thinking about it.

Rat2 by Zombie-Kumos
As a pet owner it is your responsibility to care for them and take them to the vet even when you don't want to hear what the vet has to say. Your Rat didn't die in your arms, he died in a froth of vinegar and baking soda, suffocating, wondering why he was being loved one minute and the next minute in hell. Yes, I have used this dispatch method, ON MICE, I could NEVER do it to one of my rats. The only times I have ever done this was when my mice clearly were suffering, one having a tumor as big as she was, and one that had a stroke and was dragging itself around in circles and was unable to even eat or drink without assistance and even then she was unable to really move her mouth. THAT is a mercy killing, your rat having sniffles isn't grounds for a mercy killing. I still cry about my mice, I WATCHED this dispatch method and it was single handedly the only thing that has EVER made me want to vomit. And yes, I have spoken to my vet about this when i did it and was told I did do the right thing. I took pictures and video and showed the vet the mice, they we're suffering.

again, I'd really like more solid proof this is all that happened, I'm REALLY upset by this, and I'm still sticking to I hope this isn't true. I really would like to think someone who truly loves their animals wouldn't do this over something so small... Especially when you have commissions pouring in.

Augh, anyway, sorry, rats are my super soft spot. I love them like little puppies.

I know there's been a buzz of a lot of illegal activity, and the fact in a podcast interview, Mars said she never sold or tried to sell a kangaroo. Or any other illegal activity so let me just repost alllll this so people who missed out, or want to laugh at how theres a blatant lie in the new interview here you go.

Roo by Zombie-KumosWolf1 by Zombie-KumosWolf2 by Zombie-KumosScreenshot (484) by Zombie-KumosWolf3 by Zombie-KumosScreenshot (500) by Zombie-Kumos
Screenshot (498) by Zombie-Kumos

No??? Never???
Dont Lie To Me by Zombie-Kumos

Speaking of Zoey the wolf... that wolf belonged to UrbanSunset, and, for what it's worth, I know a lotta people are pissed at her but. She ALSO claimed to be extremely displeased with her mount from Mars. Claiming it was a hot mess with popped stitching and holes. The fox was bought as a reject from AdarkerNEMISIS  and funny enough, again the blame game was played. "It's Nemi's fault the body fell apart, even though I'm the one who did it and Nemi just did the head."

And more lies for lulz. I knew someone who had a rabbit with Mars, and that was sent raw, and was supposed to (I guess?) be skinned/prepped/salted and then shipped off to be tanned? Anyway it was a LONGGGG LONGGGG time, and they asked what was going on with their rabbit. Mars then said she "Need a special kind of salt to salt it"

...Special... salt? 

Anyway the person then said there's no such thing as special taxidermy salt and Mars apparently went off the deep end and claimed "I'M the professional here, not you"


Salt by Zombie-Kumos

My next stop on the "this is so much" express, Mars' partner in crime or "Employee" InNaturesImage, now on the surface she seems all golden right. Had me fooled for a while until I sat there on taxinet and saw a post of the same wolf Mars is viewed selling in the third picture above. I noticed the name. Miniaturepaws.

Now. Call it speculation but after looking into it, Miniaturepaws was an old user here. Who also was known as a "red flag user" among a lot of the old members. And people often tried to keep tabs on her many, many accounts.

I can list them off but for now, I will say, @Neonicide was her FIRST account and she was a problem child with AdarkerNEMISIS which SURPRISE AND FUN FACT, SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO ORIGINALLY OWN HEX!* Yep! She had claimed his pelt for a commission, But she screwed that all up and caused a ton of drama flip flopping around between Nemi and Leslie over foxes. And I'm sure you're going "But Kumos how the hell did you figure all that out? Nobodys ever connected those two accounts before."

simply put.

Screenshot (485) by Zombie-Kumos

amazing how resourceful one can be when they really want to dig. *(also thanks for that and letting me be able to buy one of the best foxes ever, and with his payment plan, making me gain the best best friend I could ask for, who also brought along even more best friends and I love them all very much. Seriously. Thank you.)

I'd also love to go into a short story about friendship. Mars is such a salty person, that on the sly years back, I became friends with x3TheBrokenArtistx3 and for a while we were quiet about it because, yep, I called it. When Mars caught wind of how friendly we were, she immediately interrogated Andie, asking how long this had been going on, and then proceeded to tell her "stay away from her, she's just using you for foxes and money" 

(which, I'd love to add, how she boasted to me on skype how "Andie was getting her a Burgundy for her birthday! For free!" That never happened lmao.)

ANYWAYS... So yes lets combine someone who had a dramatic past onto people Mars has as a "business associate/employee" or whatever. Great team! I'd also like to point out that InNature is always one to run to Mars' aid whenever there's an issue, then it seems everyone else who thinks "If I stand up for Mars maybe my commission will get finished sooner!" joins in the fray as white knights. Along with the scant few people who somehow got a good mount (either that or they have no clue what makes a good piece of taxidermy a good piece of taxidermy or something idk.) and got their mount done in a timely manner somehow. Basically jump all over the person with the issue.

Recent example? All the blind led sheep from a biased PODCAST lmfao. a Paid for podcast and some girl I am sure is friends of Mars' after I poked around a bit. Wowee. She only looked at what Mars handed to her, and didn't even do any research further than some screenshots and the two journals made by FrontierFurs and NightsGem

"Interview" here ---->… (Tl;dr: "Bawww everyones so mean and jealous of me.")…

Feel free to look at the pack mentality all her beloved fans have. Which I would love to add, that although YOU may be one of the lucky ones who got your mount in decent shape, on time, etc. Mars seems to be extremely choosey and manipulative at who has priority in her queue. For example, got a dog you want a remount on? Sure she'll take it to say she did a dog as a soft mount. Treat her like a queen or give her tons of compliments? Sure your work is done faster. You have a big following or an unusual mount? Sure lets do it. Got an old mount you want a facelift on? Sure! Gives me a reason to talk poorly of the original artist who did it in the first place! Like she did with Muddy-Coyote and wanted to do with AdarkerNEMISIS reject sale foxes. Which I'd also love to point out that InNature bought a reject fox off of Nemi, complained how it looked, Nemi offered to fix it no problem even though it was sold as a reject with flaws. Nope! Off to Mars it went. Hm. Odd. Also seems odd that InNature gets all the "best" work from her, I'm sure there's nothing wrong with anything that shes made for her.

and back at Icelandic and her issues. She's been bugging Mars for months now to ship her items, and then finally Frontiers beware journal came up and this happened.
Journal3 By Muddy Coyote-d9b3xy5 by Zombie-KumosJournal4 By Muddy Coyote-d9b3xxv by Zombie-KumosJournal9 By Muddy Coyote-d9b3xwi by Zombie-KumosJournal10 By Muddy Coyote-d9b3xwb by Zombie-KumosJournal11 By Muddy Coyote-d9b3xvz by Zombie-KumosJournal13 By Muddy Coyote-d9b3xvo by Zombie-Kumos

Gotta love how InNature has to always get involved then bow out when shit's too deep. But dat attitude tho.

Also more gloriousness from Frontiers journal with MORE people standing up about their situations
Journal15 By Muddy Coyote-d9b3xvi by Zombie-KumosJournal20 By Muddy Coyote-d9b3xu3 by Zombie-KumosJournal7 By Muddy Coyote-d9b3xwx by Zombie-Kumos
(again, poor Jasmine still having issues)

(and on that journal there's this)
Journal6 By Muddy Coyote-d9b3xxb by Zombie-Kumos

but... Icelandic (Dani) is still waiting for her stuff months after this. Yeah, she sure has changed. I guess you really feel like your foot's in your mouth right about now almost 3 months later and still nothing was shipped. ***they now have, as of September 28, 2015. Still, hella after the fact***

SkinnedFawxTaxidermy Also told me that a customer of her's got fed up with waiting on Mars and asked her ship everything she paid for (pelt, eyes, head form, etc.) she said it took SIX MONTHS to get the items in and there was no head form.

Another thing people complain when asking Mars about shipping, they get a tracking number and it doesn't work, or, doesn't update for days/weeks past the "Shipping label created" status, which means she just printed a label and gave the number to shut the person up until they realize it still hasn't been shipped or even picked up by the post office. How quaint.

Many people who fall to this often remove/hide their posts, or journals or deviations. And better yet, more word through the grapevine is a LOT of people with multiple commissions and get a crappy mount in first, are often too scared to speak up to Mars BECAUSE of innature/any other white knights, and are even more scared of what she will do with their items that she has left in her possession. Since it seems the more you bug her, the worse your mount is. Or like many state, not even know where their items even are.

Like the comment just left on her journal about this so called "Interview"

Screenshot (492) by Zombie-Kumos

200 S by Zombie-Kumos
huh, what's that? Unhappy with your mount? Too bad, I'll group it into "I was a newb lulz ur fault" (which at this point its kind of shit to use that an excuse, you've been around long enough, also, if you're such a newbie why the hell take on all these projects??) and I'll just keep all your stuff and money! 


Anyone currently waiting on a refund from Mars? I bet some of you are, but she claims she'll get back to you cause she doesn't have it right? So you say okay take your time. Well Sunday (September 27, 2015) this was sent to me

12015642 481205345414513 969109711 O by Zombie-Kumos12059208 481205352081179 1177840877 O by Zombie-Kumos

ah yes, let's offer up on a rare coloured squirrel, because fuck responsibilities. *By the way, last i looked this was highest bid at $100 soooo... if she gets it ya'll have fun with that.*

I'm not doing this journal really out of any other reason but this.

Mars, if we are ALL so WRONG, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY OF US WHO ARE SICK OF YOUR "PROFESSIONAL WORK ETHIC?" WE ALL CANT BE WRONG. You can even try to claim all the people in this journal are my buddies and I'm just a big ol' doodiehead and I have spite for you or whatever the hell, but oh little do you know. There are MANY more people than this journal has listed, and they're all just too scared to speak up. But they've talked to other people in our community, and I do have proof of that, but they BEGGED for the proof to not be shown because you are holding their items hostage. Theres so many people who have left our community because of your actions and things you have said about them. If you are SUCH a GREAT business person, artist, hell, even a friend, why do I have PILES UPON PILES of people who are absolutely DISGUSTED with your little "empire" on here and Facebook? Surely if you were as amazing as you claimed you'd stop having people complaining, stop doing these petty games with people, because you're being extremely emotionally abusive with your customers and ruining their trust with future commissions with anyone in the future.

I would really love to know the good transaction to bad transaction ratio with her clients. Since it seems any time someone has a complaint 3-6 people swarm them and tell them they're wrong and making shit up. But let's all have a giggle at how often Mars stresses "If you have a problem tell me!" yeah, right, and feed the sharks. Which most of the time it seems only ONE of the people actually have a mount from her, and the rest are all falling over themselves to get thrown a brownie point or two with her in the hopes of their commission that's on the bottom of the queue to be knocked up a few slots. Speaking of, there's even more people who are disgusted with their mounts and they are quietly seeking help from guess who? The people you shit talked the most. Their eyes are opening every single cringey mount they get and more people are up to your games, and they don't like it.

I can't wait to see even more people step forward, and even MORE people be sent things from you to be remounted. What a shame their stuff wasnt done the right way the first time and now they have to spend more money to fix your mistakes. Trust me, there's a lot of remounts of your work that will happen when people get the money scraped up, they REFUSE to deal with you anymore. And I am sure once they are done, and once everyone gets their items back (if that ever happens.) more people are going to get the courage to stand up about the bullshit you served them all around.

I guess even with all these statements, photos, and unmountings, Mars and company will still find a way to say I photoshopped things or people ripped apart mounts they waited YEARS for in some cases, and spent hundreds of dollars on. Seems legit. I'd also love to point out in case nobody has noticed, you can SEE that over the span of time how many different styles of screenshots from phones there are. Yeah. Those for almost everything are all my phones. Which you can also feel free to browse my journal archives, and see how many times I announced getting a new phone and compare time frames. I also am sure that one of the little flunkies will try to make me out to be a bad guy, look, I'm no angel. I've never said I was, I've had my reputation go down by some of my actions but moreso from biased shit talking. So honestly? I don't care what you try to pin on me, what else is new. I've heard all of it, I've tried fighting it, I'm not trying to save face, I'm just done. I want people to know just what they're dealing with. :shrug: I have one customer out of god knows how many, who is waiting on me to ship her tails, and thats because I feel so horrible it took so long for my tail dealer to get their shit together I'm making a small giftbox for her. I used to be pretty laggy on shipping when i first started out, but after my first year of selling and all the obstacles in my way, I got a schedule together for shipping. But, I'm pretty much done and over the community since it seems a very good portion of it is either gone, or brainwashed by Mars and can't see the light. The last shreds we had of this community were stripped away, it was never perfect, we all had squabbles. But it was never truly this dead quiet, never this hard to sell anything, never this ghost town it feels like now. There's no fixing it, it's too damaged to be saved. I will come to deviantart to keep up once in a while with my favourite artists here, taxidermy or not, and occasionally post funny memes and scribbles I do.

I'm not really leaving, but I have real life things that are far more important than trying to peddle furs on an art site where I have wrongfully been bashed into the ground and stayed completely quiet on how the person doing all the bashing is really one of the biggest hypocrites of all. I'd rather be focusing on becoming a functioning member of society and working in the healthcare field, than claiming I'm some great artist and counting my likes/faves/follows/watches as I spread myself into every social media outlet while sitting on my ass. I'm sorry, I can't. I'm letting this all out so people will hopefully realize how wrong they are for not giving all of us who were bashed a chance, so I'm speaking for us all.

Leslie left to explore the world, and she was sick of the drama.
Misty has backed away from the community because of the drama.
Katie refuses to become regular on DA because of drama.
I am backing off because of the drama.

And guess what? Nemi is backing away from the community too. Claiming this whole thing has poisoned his love for fur and taxidermy, and he doesn't give a shit anymore. So Soon, I'm sure he will either leave or back off even more.
Krissy I'm sure is pretty fed up with the drama too. But she's stayed a good bit out of this except for the points I brought her up in this journal.
Other than that, what are you guys going to do if you want to keep buying soft mounts? All that will be left is Mars, just like she planned all along, she wanted to be top dog. And now she has it. And well, you've all now seen these pictures, do you really want this to be basically the go-to for plushies? Because seriously, everyone else is done and moved or is moving on. And if Nemi moves on, there goes a ton of unique colours since no way does Mars have a reputation good enough to score colours Nemi does with Breeder A, and Misty knows a lot more breeders out there, so I'm sure they won't want to offer out rare or unusual colours to Mars either. (Which speaking of that, she did preorders for foxes last year for Icelandic and screwed that all up. I'm sure someone can write about that in the comments. I'm running out of steam writing this there's just too much bullshit to handle.)

Also, if you ever heard anything about me shit talking anyone via skype, I am happy to fully announce after all these years that HAH HAH, Jokes on you, when the shit talking on her end first started and everyone saw, they told me proceed to talk more openly and be extremely disgruntled about other people in the community, just to see how she would react and if she would join in, bait her per say, so any "dirt" she has on my from skype conversations is a load of hooey that was to see if she'd react. Who coaxed me into this? Well, almost everyone. Many were wanting to know if it was everyone she disliked, if it was a real true dislike or if it was a conditional thing (eg "so and so upset me. Im not friends with them anymore." then the next day they're fine.) and more proof of her smack talking anyone she viewed as a threat. If you didn't receive anything from me, you're more than likely okay. It was fun "playing spy" as we called it.

I'm tired, this mammoth of a journal took the last bits out of me. I have school work to do, I will not be answering comments really. If you have had problems with Mars, and would like for me to add your story into this though, please note me, since I'm sure if you comment you'll get a bullshit storm sent your way. If you want to comment and get a shit storm though. I will gladly leave your comment up, and ask the people harassing you to leave, if they refuse, I will block them. YOU as a customer, should NEVER feel ashamed of how you feel when you get a piece in that is Not what you ordered, and not what you we're shown. And sending people to attack those speaking up on being unhappy is just horrific. SO. Unless you have something constructive to say, leave each other alone. Dismissing someones bad experience because you had a good experience is also not okay. I won't mind it as much, but it comes off as really douchey and makes the person wonder why they were picked to get a bad mount. Was it because they bugged Mars too much? Is it because they set a deadline and Mars slapped it together? A person shouldn't have to ask or feel this way. So please don't call someone a liar just because your mount was good, and you got it on time, etc etc etc.

I'd love to point out in a joking manner, it sure is funny how Mars handles people's business depending how loyal you are and how you act, and she owns a fox named Karma. Well, I find it funny anyway.

****THE SUPER TL;DR OF THIS IS: I guess what I'm saying is, if I ever ordered a mount from Mars, I'd call it John Cena, Cause I'd never see it anyway. Or if I did, It'd probably make me feel just as uncomfortable looking at it

784 by Zombie-Kumos


Joking aside...
I will leave the discussion with this last nugget of funniness, I have this queued in my stash from November 13, 2013.
2013-11-14-16-21-04 by Zombie-Kumos
oh... what a hypocrite we have become.
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sweetlydeers Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2017  Student General Artist
Yo, I know this is like, two years after all the drama... But does anyone know if Mars has an eBay? I bought a pelt from a seller named Nakomii and after seeing what happened with those other pelts and I'm kinda nervous. It's dry tanned and they said they bought it from a tannery, so I'm hoping it won't be riddled with mold...
Zombie-Kumos Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah it probably is her. If in the seller info it says anything about being in NY (where she lives/used to live) or RI (where her girlfriend lives now?) it's probably for certain her. 

She usually buys from East Coast Capes/has them tan her stuff but their tans are tbh greasy garbage. You might also have to check for mold and bugs, more than likely it's gonna smell like cigarette smoke no matter which way :/

Honestly dunno why she'd sell on Ebay, Ebay holds sellers accountable for shipping items (which she has a poor track record of) and the items being in good shape (which she also holds a poor track record of.) so I'd like to say you might hold a chance getting a refund if something is wrong, or at least having a better chance the item won't have bugs/mold/etc... or at least leaving negative feedback. Just keep me posted if somethings wrong, take lots of pics, etc. Make sure you fine tooth comb her description too on the listing cause she might try to pull a "no returns/no refunds" or try to say the item was damaged by usps. (Which lol okay yeah usps so caused mold/bugs and smoke stank on people's pelts lol)

Good luck!! I'm crossing my fingers if it is her on Ebay that she's more cautious on what quality stuff she sells. Maybe it'll be okay
sweetlydeers Featured By Owner Edited Jul 31, 2017  Student General Artist
Yeah, it's from NY. Uggghh

Like... I have immune system problems so I'm gonna be super salty if there's mold. That's straight up deadly to me if bad enough. I'll definitely brush it out, thanks for the advice. I don't mind smoke smell too much and the images from the listing didn't look greasy. As far as I could tell....

But if anything goes wrong, I'll definitely take it up with eBay. They'll get one hell of a review if anything goes wrong. It's listed as "no returns" unfortunately. But if eBay is strict about this stuff, hopefully they'll be able to help. Cause like... I didn't order a pelt with bugs and mold lmao "item not as described"

But thank you!!! I really hope this pelt is okay (it's a dream pelt haha). Right now it's said that it's shipped, but the tracking number tells me only the label has been created so I'm a little nervous? But I'll definitely keep you posted, don't worry. Thank you so much for the reply, too. It means a lot. ☺️
pinchtits Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017
Hey make sure you keep an eye on that "shipping label created." Mars has a tendency to create shipping labels and claim that they wil be picked up by the post office and they never get shipped out until weeks/months later. I had this issue with them almost a year ago when I was literally demanding that I have my wolf sent back to me. 
sweetlydeers Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017  Student General Artist
Yeah, they made it a I think two days before shipping? I asked them about it and they said that they're away on weekends (which I understand). It shipped out that Monday and is actually on route to deliver today. I read the horror stories of people waiting up to two or three years for their stuff. There's no excuse, even with a queue of projects. I think my experience isn't so bad (yet!!!) is mostly because eBay is really strict on sellers doing what they're supposed to. Sorry to hear about your wolf. I hope it came back in good repair.
seki--rei Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Did this end up turning out okay? o: I hope your pelt was in good condition!
sweetlydeers Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2017  Student General Artist
Noooope. The pelt came and looks super gorgeous, but the leather was super stiff, so I wanted to try to soften it a bit. Upon pulling him out of the water, he ripped in half and if I tried to touch him, his leather ripped like wet paper. My fault, I guess. I should have known not to try it, but he was sold to me as mountable so rehydrating the whole body shouldn't have been an issue. I'm guessing the leather was super old even though Mars listed him as about a year old. So. Yeah. Unfortunately didn't turn out well. :c
seki--rei Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Oh no ;; I'm sorry that happened D: I was hoping it was good since they have improved a lot lately.

If you want to report this so other people can see it, there is a page called beware_mars on Instagram where other people have been sharing their experiences with Mars and their business. I would recommend sending them a DM and explain what you went through and show pictures of the taxidermy there, so more people can see it! That's up to you if you want to do that though.
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SkinnedFawxTaxidermy Featured By Owner May 24, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
I totally forgot to add this: I ended up buying BeebZeeb when it was sent to Shel for tanning. Shel SAVED that gorgeous baby thank god, and I am shocked at how well it turned out given the circumstances. There are only maybe a couple small slips (understandably), but nothing bad and nothing I can't fix.
So just wanted to add that to the zebra bit.
fuckbois Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017
looking for some drama bc there's been an outburst lately with the furry community 
ive followed her and liked her for a while
i didn't know she fucked up this bad
WeaselWomanCreations Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
She's scammed the fur suit community now lol. 

It's like she jumps into communities, scams it up, and then moves onto the next. 
Zombie-Kumos Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
MHM... Like when she "paid back everyone" the $10k she owed or whatever and claimed it was all good and for everyone to leave her alone (and even asked me to remove this since "she's made good, and this journal is hurting her rep and she's just a widdle new suitmaker bawww" and I told her shove it, get better as a business person and this will just be in the past. Apparently nothing changed and I can't say I'm shocked.) I knew she just robbed peter to pay paul. She booked so many fursuits and didn't/hasn't done shit with them, and used the money to get the taxidermy community paid back or... hopefully paid back idk. 

She did it to stall for more time since suitmakers tend to have longer turnarounds than taxidermists (used to. anyway.) and she figured she could slack off, use the money she got in excess after paying people off to go to concerts, get tattoos, go to cons, etc. 

I just feel so sorry for her pets if any of them are even still alive. She's got beetles, silverfish, and I'm sure wild mice from what some of the chewing on mounts has looked like, and she smokes like a train apparently to cause the rank stank to sit in all the items (even fursuit badges. Laminated. Fursuit badges) as well as black mold, can't be good for them. She had exotic animals that are very sensitive like rats, I believe reptiles too. :/ I hope they're okay. 
WeaselWomanCreations Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah I forgot she had ratties. Those are so sensitive to smoke :(

I was always told silverfish in abundance means they're preying off roaches and other nearby beetle species. So it made me think, if there's that many silverfish - enough to present their eggs and themselves in people's suits - what are they eating from in her home? What other bugs she got???

Wonder who she'll rob next, to pay the ripped off fur suiters back. 
seki--rei Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Student Digital Artist…

she has now started doing the same thing, now with fursuits. this is only two of MANY i've spoken to. it's sad.
Zombie-Kumos Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
ewwww god more bugs??? How the hell is she even remotely okay living in what seems like squalor? she's got beetles and other bugs and now silver fish? everything smells like smoke? Someone should call animal services on her, I worry about her animals being subjected to that especially sensitive animals like rats and such, I don't know how she can be fine living in a place clearly infested with multiple bugs. Grossss
seki--rei Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Student Digital Artist
she claims she doesn't smoke, and that someone who lives below her does. Which, still, isn't much of an excuse, and smoke travels UPWARDS. So it still affects her items no matter what. She posted a video the other day of her dog on her bed and in the background was fursuit fur at the base of the bed. I personally wouldn't let my animals into a space where I had my fur that I use for commissions, it is dangerous for the supplies, and potentially commissioners who would have allergies to animals :/ Especially considering it is fur for an item they would be WEARING.

... Assuming they even get their item to start with.  The fuckingfurries tag is now loaded with so much more than that last link I sent you. Many have come out since it blew up a number of weeks ago. I hope she learns, for the sake of her commissioners.
SkinnedFawxTaxidermy Featured By Owner Edited May 24, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
Just want to add, I bought some glass eyes from her a while back. When I got them, the inside of the envelope and the eyes themselves RANK of cigarette smoke. Like, this wasn't a faint "traveling smoke smell from the floor below us" smell... this was a STRONG smoke smell, like "someone heavily smoking in the same room as the item" smell.
MischiefKitten97 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016
His hips also look like he has hip dysplasia. I took out some of the stuffing through the tears to try and fix it but they stick out sideways. My mom thinks he looks a little "gangster" and I have to agree. I'll post pictures if anyone wants to see.
MischiefKitten97 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016
Just recieved a soft mount fox from her and I'm needing advice. I ordered in july and it was a $300 red fox. I was crazy excited and was told that he just needed to be sewn and he'd be sent out at the end of the month. I paid everything in two weeks and he shipped out two days ago. I was frustrated by the lack of communication and updates, I did not receive any pictures. He was marked to shio september 5th and I sent her a message last saturday saying that I was disappointed with the constantly changing ship date. I looked on the box and she shipped priority the day I bugged her, Saturday. He had holes down his neck, on all of his legs, and his butt (stuffing sticking out). There's an oil spot on his thigh and you can see dried plaster/ clay over his eyebrow where there's a dime sized tear. Also by the left corner of his mouth, plaster/clay shows. His legs are very wonky and his paws look odd, some twisted upsidedown. I think he has his nose that the pelt came with because it looks uneven and dried funny? I contacted her via paypal asking for $225-200 as a refund. She said she doesn't do partial refunds and that I'd have to send him back to get one. I waited two months and I don't think I'd get one anyway so I'm not sending him back (there's sentimental value too as he is my first soft mount. He's my wonky fox). I've sewed up all the holes but it's obvious where they are. Should I escalate the claim through paypal and see if they will enforce the refund?
AntiSwoosh Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016  Student General Artist
Yes. Make sure you provide as many screenshots of her non-compliance and pictures of your mount. You should not have to put up with an awful mount and be out of 300$ for a mount that has suffered so much. You did well not to send it back as she's apparently known to just send you back the same mount or another awful mount. Try to get your money back, or at least a large portion of a refund.  
ShiranuiKurai Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016
lmao i'm back reading this again debating on whether or not I should just ask for a refund for my sunglow.  (paid in full two years ago, not even started, not one WIP pic)
Zombie-Kumos Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
yeeeeaahhhh I'd probably demand a refund imo. That's ridiculous. She's making premades and selling them on instagram so I dont get how on earth she can claim she has no time for the countless people still waiting.

I'd try poking at her on instagram since she seems to of nuked her DA. Or checking out her FA since shes moved there. She's Itsprobablymars on those sites. Careful though her precious gf may attack you like she's prone to do :'D
ShiranuiKurai Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016
wHY is she making premades rn???  when she owes people so many things?  I wonder if my sunglow is even real sometimes.  :I

luckily she's been pretty good lately about replying to emails and giving me my $100 a month for my refund for my cougar and hyena, so I went ahead and decided to request a refund for the sunglow.  i'd rather have it take a year to get my refund then get another shitty mount.  I wonder where she keeps them, since my precious red came back with BLACK MOLD on her -_-
SillydogTheGreat Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
pookyhorse Featured By Owner Edited May 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
For anybody that comes across this journal. Here is some my journal on my items received by mars.
bonus41 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Well I have another story you can add to this journal... Once I get all the info I will note you
NatsumeWolf Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016
A list should be made of what she owes people with proof and stuff.
Fennecfawn Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for making this. I was planning on buying a pelt but I'm not sure now. I have notified them and I am going to talk to them about this. I believe these statements on here to be true, and I am hoping her quality of the pelts have gone up. I will only pay them once I received the pelt I was promised, and not a falling apart peice of matty fur, or not even getting a pelt within the time promised. If I do get a nice quality pelt, I will post it here ame show you all their most recent work. If I do get a horrible mount then I will take pictures immediately and contact you. Thank you for bringing all of this to my attention. I am always wary of buying pelts and their quality and I'm glad to be able to see what I might be expecting
NatsumeWolf Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016
Has she told you about her hand ? It's not getting better ( as informed on her FB on the 15) and she most likely won't get to your mount or pelt till its better ( maybe 3 years from now) . Honestly , I don't get why she is taking commissions if she is unable to work. Not to mention . If her condition is contagious it could infect her work she gives people.
Most people she owes refunds too and they have been waiting years. Same with those she owes commissions to. She is just not organizationed and isn't honest about her work any more.
If I were u I'd back out and get your money back and Go with more honest people like AdarkerNEMISIS or SkinnedFawxTaxidermy and other honest pll. I'm not saying oh never trust or commission Mars, but due to current events she just isn't able to do any work till she is better and gets her list of things she owes down .
Fennecfawn Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No, she didn't tell me about her hand. Could you tell me about that? Thank you for referring some good taxidermists, I'd love to get a pelt from one I really trust, and from what I've been hearing I don't really trust Mars all that well. 
NatsumeWolf Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016…

It's some sort of skin infection that isn't going away and that apparently all the doctors she has seen don't know what it is ( according to her FB) . It's all over her hand making it impossible to do any work. I'm shocked she didn't tell you she would not be able to work on it. Well not until it's healed any way.
But I'm not saying " oh never trust her " but in all honesty she should have been honest and told you instead of making a quick sale and leave you hanging. Still commission her if you want, but not now. She needs to firstly RECOVER and second she needs to give what she owes people and stop taking on too many people at a time. If she got all that done I'm sure she'd be getting better reviews and cleaning up her BAD reputation in this community.
Fennecfawn Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you, they never told me :/ I've contacted another taxidermist and I think I'm going to order from them
NatsumeWolf Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016
I hope you get what you want :)
Zombiedoggy Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Goodness. I've been out of loop of the taxidermy community here for a while but I did consider Mars to be one of the best taxidermists I knew of here. I guess it goes to show that good photography skills can work wonders on something that is actually crap.
This whole thing is disappointing. I thought of Mars as more than this. She played herself as far, far more professional and skilled than this. In reality, she has the skills of a novice. I am definitely still new to mounting myself, but I can at least tell when something is or isn't decent and I am 100% honest about every anatomy problem, holes, etc I make on my own stuff if I ever decide to part with the mount. Jeez. 
From my own experience of seeing drama like this play, she'll likely continue to keep ignoring the problem. I feel bad for everyone affected by her and I definitely won't be recommending her as a taxidermist to commission to others anymore. Thank you for letting everyone know about this :/
TheVioletViolence Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I ordered a coyote headdress from her May-June 2013, didn't receive anything at all even after a year. I payed in full. She said she would order a pelt with my payment and begin I'm a 3 weeks time after I ordered. Nothing she said she was drying the pelt. But never would show me that she actually had a pelt at all let alone any progress pictures. She actually came to my home town in NY for a taxidermy tournament. I lived 5 minute walk from it. She refused to discuss business during her competition. I was heartbroken and I had been angry and bitchy to about it to everybody I knew because I really was a fool. She started doing her typical thing of not replying or defending herself like I'm the bad guy. Then I take action for myself to contact other customers that claim to also have the same issue, I get an angry message from her saying i am illegally slandering her company and interfering with customers business. No, I was just making sure that I was never getting what I asked for. I do admit in the beginning I was a bit back and forth about wanting my item, maybe 3-4 times because I didn't really know how I felt about it. Either way, when her recent co-worker started handling the messages, all she would reply is that the issue would be fixed. I was told to be patient. I waited past Mar's own project deadline and then some, it wasn't right on both sides. I'm glad I didn't get anything in the mail because I could have hurt myself on metal pins! Honestly, if she really wants to be better, she needs to develop a proper technique to perfect her work, and take less commission orders. But she won't do anything but her own way of course. My coyote was supposed to be my birthday present, my outfit to a festival that I couldn't attend because transportation, and she brought Rorik that wolf? And her foxes to to show off at that very same place. I find out that my money most likely went towards her birthday tattoo back then. Well as things seem, at least somebody is happy. 9.9
Zombie-Kumos Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
seems shes spending money on another tattoo, I was just saw her FB post today about getting yet another tattoo.

I remember seeing you ask her what the hell was going on with your stuff and seen the wave of white knights come in and defend her (typical.) although at that time, you were saying it was like 7 months? I dunno if you had her do a mounted headdress like what Adarkernemisis and Zhon do, but that WOULD be a nromal timeframe (which im sure she uses these other artists as examples of time frames, then promptly dicks around that whole time, spends the money and then scrambles to sell stuff to make up for not using the original money to pay for supplies...) but if you commissioned her for a headdress with just face and ear reshaping like Naturepunk and Lupagreenwolf do jesus christ shes yanking your chain. >A< Augh I just feel so bad. I log in here once in a while now and just so many new notes and comments of just unhapy people. 

yet somehow /I'm/ the bad business person as I've heard her call me.
TheVioletViolence Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah I was especting greenwood style. I waited beyond a year. She promised me when I payed under 2 months at latest. I have up and said I'm done. Amber or her sent me a message about a refund. I replied agreeing, never got one. That was months ago. I got ripped up twice last year. Her, and another person who took $120 from me for a spiderman mask. I'm done. I'm over it. I know how to background check now. But I do not tolerate bullshit. There is no passion within little result and outcome. But I don't have to really say that. We are well aware
ratatouiIIe Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much... I ordered a coyote from her over a year ago, as well as an art doll, and she said they'd be done in about two weeks. They still haven't arrived.

I paid both in full, and she said I'd be on the top of the list. Which I know isn't true because multiple newer customers have gotten their stuff long before I have.

Now, within this year and a half I've been waiting. She's set so many deadlines FOR HERSELF, and none have been met. I still do not have a coyote OR a doll, despite my coyote supposedly being "almost done" like 6 months ago. I'm so disappointed and now SCARED that the product I'll get for my wait will be terrible...
Zombie-Kumos Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Honestly file a paypal claim. Shes got time to teacher her BFF how to mount a fox (which honestly looks like she just did it for her and is. Again. Using friendships with people as a scapegoat.) and mounted her calico she just posted the other day.

Also she apparently got slammed with almost $1400 in refunds from other claims through paypal. So she has money. Shes just refusing to refund people. So id say call paypal and explain to them the arrangement and see if thwy can do something cause enough is enough.
ratatouiIIe Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
she claimed she'd send it again, and then i get a message saying she has no money to send it.
I'm so fucking tired of this.
Zombie-Kumos Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
:/ well the other day she got her huge ass whole side of her body tattoo finished in another session so Im sure thats where more money went (...though again shes probably gonna say her girlfriend paid for it. Like always. Yet her girlfriend cant buy her supplies or help pay people back.) Im so sorry youre getting jerked around. 

Now shes claiming she is so stressed she has shingles and had to pay a ton of money for meds. Idfk. The pic I seen looked more like a chemical burn reaction moreso than shingles to me, it was on her palm. It also could be what I have when i have allergies, dyshyrotic eczema. Which is known for appearing on palms and soles of your feet. (I had both over the summer from flea bite reactions. Not fun. Pus filled little bubbles that just were awful. Wasnt worth the walk outside )

Ahem but Im rambling... I really hope it all works out. I dunno if you follow her on other places but here but i lnow people who do so just relaying whats going on from the side lines lol
ratatouiIIe Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hnnn. Okay. Thank you for the help.
I'll update you when I get a reply from her.
Herr-Eisenheim Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Professional General Artist
well i really gotta thank you for this journal
i don't do a whole lot on deviantart but i've been tryin to get more active here, and i've contemplated mars taxidermy, seeing unpacking results and bad experiences like what was shown really helps me change my mind!
SaltyPuppy Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015
This actually makes me really nervous. I actually owned Shasta originally. She mounted Shasta the wolf for me and It didn't turn out well at all. Sent her in for a remount and was still disappointed. Recently It really looked like her work had improved a ton and I sent her a very special pelt to get mounted and now I am terrified I am going to get absolute garbage back. I am seeing recent posts about her work not being accurate... I am terrified. If I get my mount back and it is FAR from as described is there anything I can do to get my money back??

I am super nervous.... ;-;
Zombie-Kumos Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
i have no idea ;w; I'm so sorry. Honestly I have heard that alot of people got through this, I dont know why people keep sending her stuff if they didnt like their first product.

As far as money back goes, I have no clue how to handle that, she seems to of taken the "I'm gonna kill myself" guilt trip route with her latest journal (IN MYYYY OPINION... I just find it Funny when she and I talked back in the day, there was a scam artist who also used that same ploy and she called them pathetic for it. Yet shes doing it herself to make her customers feel like shit for being concerned about what their mounts will look like, them getting refunds, etc) 

Honestly everyone I've talked to recently getting stuff in, is doing unboxing videos as proof of the work. taking tons of photos and then asking Knuxtiger4  and/or SkinnedFawxTaxidermy if remounting could be possible (sometimes it is. sometimes its not. but theyre two i know doing remounts. You could TRY to get in touch with UrbanNatureTaxidermy on facebook about remounts if they say its too far gone to be redone, katie IS known for working miracles. Dunno how she manages it but she does lol.) Im sorry itll cost more money though ;A; but if you could get some kinda refund it'd help.

whenever you get in your mount please let me know. despite people givng me shit for it, I am still documenting the good and bad with Nakomii in my free time, everyone gets a special folder and its going to be labeled with time of commission, payment dates if any, and date product was recieved as well as if the mount is good/bad, and if its bad what Mars does to make the situation right,

Like i said before, after all this and all these years, and mars is calling herself a newbie still whenever anyone confronts her, I dont understand why she just doesnt ship everyone their stuff back that is still pelts, and refund them.
SaltyPuppy Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015
Pmed you!
FenrisxWolf Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015
Excuse me for any ignorance, but what does it mean when you say 'handler' of a pelt? Would it mean the person responsible for tanning?

I'm knew to this community and this is all pretty daunting. I don't know who's who and who does what etc...
I'm just confused :s
Zombie-Kumos Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
If youre refering to when i was discussing icelandicfox and the pelts that were rotted and molded. I refer to mars as the handler since dani bought the pelts raw from someone on here and i believe taxinet too and it was Mars job to process them for tanning aka handling the pelts. 

But any time someone handles a pelt to do any work on it theyre a handler. Its a handlers responsibility to work professionally with a pelt be it mounting it or prepwork like fleshing. Turning. Skinning. Etc
FenrisxWolf Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015
Ah okay thanks a lot :3

I thought there was an individual 'handler' that took care of seeing over what
the pelt went through, and who was working on it at any time X3

There's often so many people involved in making one mount, and I hear about
them being passed around for different people to work on. I get confused over
who does what etc...

Thanks for letting me know, I understand the process more now :3
PolarDogProductions Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Professional General Artist
Good lord, I'm glad I didn't go to her to get my wolf mounted . From what I recall she once bad a pretty top notch reputation. Yikes.
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